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MemberEdge can automate your communications and marketing efforts in a way that is brand unique, to meet your needs—large or small. We provide the underlying technology and know-how; you provide the branding and content. Easy!


MemberEdge: A suite of powerful solutions

Your organization is unique. That’s why you need marketing automation solutions that you can customize to fit your needs. Learn how our suite of solutions can help you solve email marketing challenges, social-media scheduling, as well as leverage and create powerful a community, and more. All customizable to match your own branding.


Highly-scalable, email marketing solution to power all your organization's communication needs.


Cutting-edge social-media scheduling tool that can provide control over what is posted and archived.


Quickly get a powerful community up and running, including articles, discussions, AMAs and more.



Whether it’s 500 emails each month or 50 million, EmailEdge provides a turnkey, branded solution to meet your needs.

  • Create sophisticated drip email campaigns that send in a sequence based on email triggers (e.g. opened, not opened, clicked).
  • Available API endpoints allow your organization to seamlessly integrate into your CRM for bi-directional updates.
  • Oversight controls allow you to determine which emails can be sent immediately, and which require prior review and approval.


Leverage the power of a social-media scheduling tool and a combined digital asset management solution that allows your organization to deliver the right message on the right channel at the right moment.

  • Leverage our digital asset management solution to provide pre-approved social-media content to your members.
  • With AutoStream, provide a sophisticated social-media automation solution to your members that allows them to customize content and have it post automatically.
  • Oversight controls allow you to determine what posts must be reviewed and approved prior to posting, as well as ensures that an archive of all posts is stored.


A powerful, branded sharing and discussion forum can drive engagement among your members and foster best practices.

  • Conduct live Ask Me Anything (AMA) events with real-time up-voting of questions and comments.
  • Create unique profiles for each user and incentivize participation with leaderboards that track engagement.
  • Robust back-end reporting and filtering/moderation of discussions and community participation.

Case Studies


“MemberEdge has allowed us to provide to our members a service that can’t be matched anywhere else, and at a cost that enables us to grow quickly and nimbly.”

- Marv Feldman, CEO of Life Happens


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